Local Plan examination

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The Inspectors' have issued a letter following the Stage 1 hearing sessions  

Inspectors' letter 14 January 2020

The Inspectors' letter to the Council following the Stage 1 hearing sessions is now available and can be viewed at Icon for pdf ED82 [264.13KB] in the Examination Documents

The council has issued a statement: Council statement 

Details of the submission, appointed Planning Inspector and Programme Officer
Recent developments in the examination process
Correspondence and documents from the Inspector, Council and Representors following submission of the Local Plan
Local Plan examination actions as requested by the Inspectors
Correspondence between the Inspectors and Uttlesford District Council since the submission of the Local Plan on 18 January 2019
Consultation on additional evidence documents submitted to the Examination
The submitted evidence base for the Local Plan
Responses received (Regulation 20) to the invitation to comment on the draft submission of the Local Plan (Regulation 19)
Timetable for the public hearings to be held by the Inspectors and details of the hearing statements for each matter being heard